Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Raw Foods, part 2

I just spent a week at The Raw Food Institute in Washington D.C.  It is run by the fabulous Lisa Wilson, who has designed a 7-day curriculum, immersing you in raw foods preparation, and, of course, the WHY behind raw foods.  During the week you are only eating medicinal raw foods, and therefore fully detoxifying your body the whole time.  There is a tremendous range of doctors, healers, meditation leaders, and of course raw foods chefs to lead & teach you.  I highly recommend the program if you are healthy and want to learn how to prevent chronic disease, are in a "healing crisis," or if you love someone who is!

Raw food can cure chronic disease because they flood your body with enzymes, oxygen, and micronutrients.  When we cook our food, we lose 30% of the nutrients and 100% of the enzymes.  Eating raw vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, sprouts and juices gives our body needed enzymes to absorb all that healthy food we are eating, and therefore reduces the cellular inflammation that causes disease.  Eating raw heals at a deep cellular level.

We met and heard the stories of a number of people who have healed their illnesses (cancer, type 2 diabetes, heat disease, obesity...) through switching to a raw food diet.  We drank green juices and wheat grass shots throughout the day.  And we ate delicious, real, nutritious food.

In lieu of a recipe today, I will show you pictures of my growing wheatgrass, and of the sprouts which I prepared (it is so easy!)

Mung bean and lentil sprouts, ready to eat! They flood your body with protein and energy.

Sprouted wheatgrass, JUST starting to grow. It will be another week before I can juice them.

Perhaps next time I will tell you how to sprout....or maybe I will share a raw recipe or two.  We'll just have to see.  Until then, au revoir!

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